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Running and Excercise: A Guide to Your Foot Health

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“I’m often asked why I’m willing to give my books to anyone in the New York area who is suffering from pain, injury, or disease in their feet and ankles. The answer is simple, I believe that if people have the information they need to understand what may be happening in their feet and ankles that they can make better, more informed choices about their healthcare. It’s as simple as that.” -Dr. Michael Perlstein

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Running and Exercise Can Backfire if You Aren’t Careful

Millions of New Yorkers are running everywhere for their health. Every day people are running and walking for their health right past our office in Brooklyn. Marathons, Iron-man competitions, and just running for health have become integral parts of our modern lifestyles. The problem is that all of this activity can lead to injury and disease. The exact opposite of the desired result!

There are answers.

“Running and Exercise” helps explain the underlying reasons that your feet aren’t carrying you as far as you wish. To be sure, there is no warranty that runs out on your feet. They should take you as far as you wish to go for as long as you wish to run or walk.

Knowing the facts and having the right information can help you make good decisions about your health, give you peace of mind and let you sleep easier.

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