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  • Typical Achilles Tendon Injuries

    There are many issues relating to the Achilles tendon. It does not always result in the wince-inducing highlight reels from professional sports. While the tears and ruptures are the most notable and produce the best stories, there are other types of injuries that are just as common and not as severe. Many go undiagnosed as basic soreness and temporary injuries.

    The Achilles tendon is the largest and toughest tendon in the body and it connects the heel to the calf muscles. Because it connects those two, it is responsible for moving the foot up and down, which is a motion used in just about every movement of a standing body. Because of its usage, it is very susceptible to injury, but also usually easy to diagnose and treat.

    There are three basic types of Achilles tendon injuries:

    Achilles Tendinosis: This injury comes from the buildup of pain and swelling going undiagnosed over time. It gets worse as time goes on and can result in scar tissue building on itself from tiny tears.

    Achilles Tendonitis: This injury is a result of continual stress on the tendon over time and can affect athletes and those not-so-athletic. Tight calf muscles, bone spurs, and increased physical exertion can lead to increased pain in the heel.

    Achilles Tendon Rupture: This is the Achilles injury that is often seen sidelining professional athletes. This is when the tendon tears partially or completely, and can result in inability to walk or even stand. It is often a result of Achilles tendonitis.

    Questions regarding Achilles tendon injuries can be directed to a Brooklyn foot doctor who can discuss the injury and provide a recovery plan. Contact Dr. Michael Perlstein for a free consultation, and order his book, Heel Pain.

    Dr. Michael Perlstein's podiatry office is located at 4414 14th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. He serves patients throughout the greater New York City area, including those residing in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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