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  • Eliminate Pain – Walk in the Clouds

    Pain Can Be Cured By A Walk In The Clouds

    Metatarsalgia is a common foot condition characterized by pain and inflammation of the joints in the ball of the foot. This condition can occur as a result of physically strenuous activities that involve a lot of running and jumping, or it can be brought on by inadequate cushioning in shoes that causes pressure in the ball of foot area. Fortunately, it is not a serious condition, although the pain may be persistent enough to alter your activities. It usually responds to simple home treatments of ice and rest. A change to properly designed footwear with cushioning insoles may prevent future flare ups.

    Symptoms of metatarsalgia tend to develop over a period of time.  Although in some cases appear suddenly due to an increase in activity. Frequently reported symptoms include:

    • Sharp ache or burning in the ball of your foot
    • Pain that increases when pressure is present
    • Pain worsening with physical activity
    • Pain may radiate to your toes
    • Flexing of foot sharpens the pain
    • Increased pain when barefoot on hard surfaces

    Causes of ball of foot pain are numerous and may include:

    • High impact sports
    • Poorly fit shoes such as high heels
    • Excess weight that causes pressure
    • Thinning of fat pads in the feet, probably due to aging

    Many times the pain brought on by this condition can be managed with rest and ice to reduce inflammation. If your pain persists, don’t wait to schedule an appointment with Dr. Perlstein. A delay may mean that pain will begin to adversely affect the biomechanics of your feet and eventually cause leg, knee, hip and possibly lower back pain.

    Call Dr. Perlstein at (718) 438-8188 and ask him about custom orthotics or “Clouds for Your Feet”- a fairly recent treatment approved by the FDA that allows injectable fillers to be used to add cushioning. He uses ultrasound to determine the exact location that requires filler. A complete examination and he will be able to advise if this treatment is right for you. It takes very little time and will have you walking more comfortably later that same day. There is no need to put off the pain you are experiencing today. Why let it continue to dictate your life?

    Dr. Michael Perlstein's podiatry office is located at 4414 14th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. He serves patients throughout the greater New York City area, including those residing in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

    Dr. Perlstein's office is open Monday through Friday as well as on Sunday.

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